5 Tips for Keeping Your AC Running Smoothly This Summer

As the summer heat approaches, you don’t want your AC to break down or fail to cool your home properly. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of your air conditioner and ensure it’s running efficiently. At Superior Air Repair, we offer top-quality air conditioner repair services in College Station to help you keep your AC in top shape. Follow these five tips to maintain your AC:

Here Are The Five Tips for Keeping Your AC Running Smoothly This Summer:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

To maintain your air conditioner operating properly, change the air filter frequently. A dirty filter can reduce airflow and strain your system, which can lead to breakdowns and higher energy bills. Every month, check your filter and change it if it’s clogged or unclean.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

 The outdoor unit of your AC can become clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris, which can obstruct airflow and cause your system to work harder than it needs to. Use a garden hose to gently clean the unit and remove any debris. If the fins are bent, use a fin comb to straighten them.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your AC running smoothly. Schedule an annual maintenance check with a professional air conditioner repair company in College Station, like Superior Air Repair. Our technicians will inspect your system, clean it thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs to ensure it’s working at peak efficiency.

Keep The Thermostat Steady

Fluctuating temperatures can make your AC work harder than necessary, leading to higher energy bills and potential breakdowns. Your thermostat should be set to a comfortable setting and left there. Consider installing a programmable thermostat that can regulate the temperature automatically while you are away from home.

Check Your Ducts

 Leaky ducts can reduce airflow and cause your AC to work harder than it needs to. Check your ducts for leaks and seal them with duct tape or caulking. You can also have a professional duct cleaning to remove any dirt or debris that may be obstructing airflow.

Following these tips can help keep your AC running smoothly this summer, but if you need professional AC installation in College Station TX, Superior Air Repair is here to help.

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