7 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

It is tough to imagine winters without a furnace blowing warm air and keeping the house comfortable. However, sometimes the furnace system may not release warm air. As the heating repair experts in Bryan, TX, Superior Air Repair, we have listed some reasons that stop the furnace from blowing warm air.

Reasons That Explain Why Your Heating System is Not Blowing Warm Air

Air Filters Are Clogged

Air filters trap and collect the dust, pollen, and other pollutant matter that comes with the flowing air. Air filters ensure the air revolving in the interiors is healthy and clean. However, these dust and pollutant particles accumulate at the back and clog the air filter.

That’s why the technician of heating replacement  in College Station recommends replacing the air filter every three months to ensure the airway does not get blocked. The furnace system will only have enough air to continue the heating process if there is sufficient air.

The Switches Are Turned Off

You may have turned down the furnace switch or power breaker during the household or attic cleaning. So, before panicking, check all the power circuits and switches. Moreover, remember to check the household circuit breaker switch. Sometimes, the fuse trips down to protect the furnace from voltage increase.

Leaking Refrigerant

The heat pump system uses refrigerant to deliver warm and cool air throughout the year. However, due to excessive working or improper maintenance, there can be a crack in the copper coils through which the refrigerant escapes into the air. So, if you hear hissing sounds from near the system, switch down and call the heating repair in Bryan, TX, for a quick refill and repair.

Issues in electrical connections.

It is better to call a technician if there is a problem with the circuit board or electrical wires for your and your family’s safety. A safety measure in the furnace system prevents the furnace system from working if there is an issue. The inspection service provided by the HVAC companies will check each component in the furnace system to find out the fault.

Blocked Air Vents Of The System

Blocked registers and vents can also prevent the air from coming in indoors and maintain a comfortable and optimum temperature. You might not get efficient services if the furnace system needs more air. Ensure no furniture or massive object covers or obstructs the air vents.

Issues in The Insulation And Ductwork

The furnace service technician in College Station recommends that household owners thoroughly inspect the ductwork system for any leaks and gaps. Sometimes, due to cracks in the ductwork joints, the warm air escapes into the air without reaching the destination.

Problems in The Thermostat Settings

Check the thermostat settings before calling the technician to inspect the furnace system. Also, check whether there is no issue in the electrical connection and wires between the thermostat and furnace system. Loose or broken wires can break the connection between the thermostat and the furnace system.

Fix Your Furnace System With These Troubleshooting Tips or Ideas

Follow the following steps to troubleshoot your furnace system and fix it:

  • Replace the batteries with a new pair and ensure the fan is on auto mode rather than on mode.
  • Check the air filter and replace it with a new one if it is dirty and grimy. However, if you have an electrostatic air filter, you can wash it and reuse it.
  • Check whether the furnace circuit breaker is tripped down or not. If it keeps switching down after you switch it on, call the heating repair in Bryan, TX, for a quick inspection.
  • Examine the condensate lines. Clean the excess dust and mold build-up in the pipes with a brush. Pour down a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar to clean the pipes.
  • Ensure the gas valve is not clogged with dirt and grime. Our furnace service experts in College Station would recommend replacing the gas valve if you have an old gas valve.


You may need the assistance of emergency heating repair services if your furnace system is not blowing warm air and none of the troubleshooting tips fix the issue. You can rely on Superior Air Repair in Bryan, TX, and neighboring areas to deliver on-time HVAC services and effective HVAC solutions to fix the furnace system.

Call 979-589-7641 and explain your problem to our heating replacement technician in Bryan, TX. We will quickly arrive at your address to look into the matter and provide you with the best solutions possible.