Cutting Down On Heating Costs

Cutting Down On Heating Costs

Texans are no stranger to high electricity bills year-round. When summer lasts half the year and temperatures reach blistering highs, air conditioning is a faithful companion. By the time winter arrives, a break in high utility bills is much appreciated.


Good insulation is the foundation in regulating a home’s temperatures year-round. Insulation is the barrier between what is happening outside from coming inside. Strong insulation is to thank for keeping cold frigid air out of the home during the winter months and hot humid air out of the home during summer months.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are an efficient way to heat up a small space. For a home office or bedroom, space heaters can keep one room at optimal temperature without the cost of heating an entire home. There is a wide variety of space heaters.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a space heater:

  1. Fire Safety: Space heaters are a major cause of house fires. When choosing a space heater it is crucial to understand proper usage and ventilation to ensure safety.
  2. Pets & Kids: Another safety concern is the temperature of the unit. Certain styles of space heaters are hot to the touch. If the device is being used in a room that is populated by kids or pets, it is important to pick out a space heater that will not be a burn hazard.
  3. Heat Distribution: Some space heaters produce a very strong amount of hot heat in a very localized area. Others are not as efficient in producing high heat but are better suited for even distribution of a single room.

The Oven

It may sound silly, but the kitchen oven can be used as a heater! It is common to avoid using the oven in the summer to keep the house cool, which is why the winter is a perfect time to utilize this built-in warmth. Try out some new recipes or bring back some old favorites and get to cooking. Staying warm while eating home-cooked meals is the perfect winter day.

Heated Blankets & Cozy Slippers

Winter is full of days spent indoors, cozied up on the couch watching movies or bingeing the latest TV series. On those days, drop the thermostat temperature and cuddle up in blankets, and cozy socks for a little extra warmth.

Even with the best supplemental heat, the HVAC unit is still a winter necessity. For maintenance, repairs, or replacements, Superior Air Repair is there to keep things running smoothly no matter the season. Give Superior Air Repair a call today at (979) 589-7641.