Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

At Superior Air Repair, we know that as the weather becomes warmer, we have customers who want to clean their homes or businesses to have the buildings ready for spring. Here are some of the best tips for cleaning during the spring.

Eliminate Clutter First

Eliminating clutter from a building first is one of the best things to do in the spring. This means that you should sort through the kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets and desk drawers to throw away broken, unneeded or expired items. Use trash bags to eliminate clutter, or alternatively, you can give items away to charity shops.

Buy Your Cleaning Supplies

Make sure that you have the required cleaning supplies available rather than needing to visit the store several times while cleaning an office or a home. Walk through each area of a building to determine what is required for different cleaning tasks. In addition to buying cleansers, verify that you have dust cloths, paper towels and mops available.

Clean In the Proper Direction

If you want to clean a room, then begin in the proper area or direction to make the process faster. Start by removing things from cupboards and closets to clean the walls, floors and ceilings. With this method, you can remove any of the debris that falls from the surfaces outside of the storage areas. You should clean from the top to the bottom of the room, and also, experts recommend beginning the cleaning process in the corner of the room that is farthest from the entrance.

Have Ventilation in the Room

You will feel more energized while cleaning if you have ventilation in a room, so you should open the windows or use a circulating fan. Having ventilation will also help the wet surfaces to dry faster so that you can place items back into the closets or cupboards. The fresh air that enters a room will also eliminate the stale cooking or other odors that have developed over the winter.

Dusting, Mopping and Vacuuming

It is a good idea to dust all of the furniture or items on shelves before mopping and vacuuming floors. You may also need to wash the ceilings and walls to remove fingerprints and other debris. Change the water frequently while cleaning to avoid making things dirtier than before. Remember to rent a carpet shampooer to remove food and beverage stains along with dust mites and pollen from a building’s carpeting.

Clean Vents and Climate-control Equipment

Make sure to clean the intake and outlet vents in a building along with dusting the climate-control equipment. At Superior Air Repair in Texas, we offer routine services for air conditioners to lubricate the components along with changing the air filters. Call us today at (979) 589-7641 to arrange a climate-control equipment inspection at a residential or commercial property.